Tetra Pak Pull Tab Applicator PT/8 Hole 90

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This Tetra Pak Pull Tab Applicator PT-8 Hole 90 punches holes into the packaging material.  It also applies inner PE patches for sealing and outer aluminium patches for easy opening to Tetra Pak Aseptic cartons. It is designed to be fitted to a TBA/8 filling machine. Please note that it is currently set up for 1000 Slim. Manufactured in 1998, this is a good example of these excellent machines and will be a great addition to any liquid processing line’s capability.

Tetra Pak Pull Tab Applicator PT-8 Hole 90 – General Information

We believe that Long-life liquid food producers choose Tetra Brik® Aseptic more than any other product.  It is flexible for a large range of liquid products, including various beverages. The packaging offers great opportunities for branding.

This Tetra Pak Pull Tab Applicator PT-8 Hole 90 works excellently with Tetra Brik Aseptic packaging.  The packaging is environmentally friendly as a large percentage of its materials come from renewable sources. Indeed, the prime material is wood fibres, with sugarcane polymers for the cap and plastic film. It’s an award winner!

Combine the great nature of the packaging itself with the efficiency of the PT-8 and you’ll have a great addition to your production facilities.

All Tetra Pak products are built to exceed quality standards around the world. Their commitment to quality is matched by their commitment to innovation and are driven to deliver food suppliers with the machines that enable them to offer safe, durable and quality products within their markets.

You can find out more about Tetra Pak at their website.

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This machine is in good condition & will be offered as EXW in “Sold as Seen” condition.

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