Tetra Pak A/3 Flex Line with DIMC

Equipment Detail

This 10V Tetra Pak A-3 Flex Line with DIMC (1000 Slim) consists of an A/3 filler with DIMC, Helix accumulation, Tree Pak cap applicator, TCBP/70, Conveyor & line control.  The equipment was maintained by Customer & Tetra Pak prior to removal & is in good condition.

Tetra Pak A-3 Flex Line with DIMC – General Information

The flexible line offers many different shapes, sizes and closures. The A/3 Flex Line has an automated material supply, meaning that production can continue without interruption. The same technology also delivers strip applications that are consistent and repeatable, even across packaging material reels.

The operator interface is clear and intuitive and the line’s large windows means that operators can see what’s going on at all times.  Of course, it also has ground floor access to the essential machinery when necessary.

The DIMC (Direct Injection Moulding Concept) creates a low-cost, highly functioning opening. The flat packaging material is fed into the DIMC unit and the screw-cap opening is injected over the PLH, thanks to the DIMC.  The lid itself is attached down the line by the Capper.

Some extra detail on this line:

  • Tetra Brik Aseptic – this is the type of carton and division within Tetra Pak. It is associated with long life ambient products filled into a Brik shaped carton. It does not require chilled storage until opened & can have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months.
  • A/3 – this is the machine type and series of machine that forms, fills and seals the pack Tetra Brik carton.
  • Slim (Carton shape) – this is the shape of the carton & can be Slim, Base, or Square. This machine is set for 1000ml SLIM.
  • Family Pack – this is terminology referring to the larger carton i.e. 500ml, 1000ml, or 1500ml.
  • Aseptic – this is the process that the machine uses to ensure both the carton & product are sterile.
  • Ambient or long life – this refers to a carton that has been packed in aseptic conditions thus offering a long shelf life without the need for chilled storage.
  • DIMC – this is the section of machine that extrudes & applies a cap to the carton.
  • Light-cap – this is the type of cap being applied to the carton for easy opening & pouring.

All Tetra Pak products are built to exceed quality standards around the world. Their commitment to quality is matched by their commitment to innovation and are driven to deliver food suppliers with the machines that enable them to offer safe, durable and quality products within their markets.

You can find out more about Tetra Pak at their website.

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Sold as Seen

This machine is in good condition & will be offered as EXW in “Sold as Seen” condition.


  • 1000 slim line DIMC Light Cap (Screw Cap) filling machine
  • YOM 2004 – circa 43000 hours
  • Tetra Helix Accumulator, YOM 2004
  • Screw Cap Applicator (Capper 20), YOM 2006
  • TCBP/70 Cardboard packer,  YOM 2004
  • Conveyors according to original layout
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